Most of us have not been taught the skills to be successful in life.

We're here to help you let go of the parts of yourself that don’t serve you and train you to step in your full potential.

Become a man of confidence

Every man in his life is going to feel hopelessly lost or stuck at some point in his life.

It’s in those moments that you need to know: circumstances don’t make a man, a man makes himself in the circumstances he’s given.

It took me years to understand the subtle difference in the statement above, but the distinction is this:  if you wait for circumstances to change your life, you will never sit in the seat of inner leadership.

Does this sound like you?

You don’t have a clear purpose.

You feel lost and that life is meaningless. You can’t seem to get it together but you’re ready to crystallise your vision and mission. 

You are stuck in your head.

You feel anxious much of the time and find it almost impossible to switch off, but you’re ready to become a master of presence.

You are easily distracted.

You are always looking at the next thing and may use distraction to sabotage your own success, but you’re ready to start hitting your goals.  

You are disconnected from your emotions.

You find it difficult to connect with and communicate your feelings and your needs.You are easily triggered in relationships.  

This is the work I lead men through.

Are you ready to become responsible for your own life?

You will have opportunity to go through the course at your own pace.

I encourage you to really lean into how you feel when watching the videos and completing the questionnaires - it will be challenging but it is only by facing challenges that you will be able to transform.

"His holistic approach to improving performance is unique and I am quite sure that he will continue to be very successful working as a High Performance Coach in any area of life: sports, business, health, wellness, and beyond.  If you are looking for a mentor, a role model, and someone to take your level of performance to new heights, then Craig is your man."

Sir Clive Woodward MBE
Former Rugby World Cup Winning Coach and Director of British Olympic Association

Because this is so focused on the experience of men, we are men who have grown up in the same societies, we have similar experiences, similar conditioning. To have something that just focuses on that is something I've never done before. Everything is very embodied, very physical. You can feel the learning.

David Chambers
Dating & Intimacy Coach

He is best known for his capacity to develop and mentor his staff. Developing character has always been his passion. Many of the coaches Craig has mentored are now successful coaches at the elite level of professional rugby.

Warren Gatland
Head Coach of Wales Rugby Union

It was challenging being confronted with some uncomfortable truths, realising my own role in where & why things had been going wrong. But that led to profound changes in thinking about my past, present & future, about how I interact with the world, and about how I can be a better man going forward.  

Philip Currie

One of my intentions was to get out of my mind and my head, return to my body and my heart. That was accomplished. The connection to myself. If I could connect to myself, I could connect with others again. I felt my heart again. That opened up a whole new world for me.

Alex Wirthl
Retreat Facilitator and Organiser 

As a man, we don't like admitting we need to work on something. I've got lots of words I'd like to say, but epic is how I'd describe it.

Ian Gough
Former Wales Rugby Union Player

If I did have expectations, they were wrong, because what happened was not what I expected. I didn't know what embodiment meant or how it was going to help. Whatever happened exceeded my expectations.

Chris Barlett

“It was incredible to re-enage with Craig on my podcast ‘What A Flanker’ after so many years apart. Craig coached me as a young professional Rugby player. It was incredible to witness his transformation as coach in the world of professional Rugby sports and within the domain of men’s mental health. Craig is a true inspiration. Someone I look to for support as a man. Our podcast generated lots of organic engagement around the topics we discussed together.”

James Haskell
Former England Rugby Union Player



Lifetime access

  • 9 x video lessons
  • 3 x questionnaires
  • 4 x mini practices
  • Valuable resources


Men's work is important because it offers a safe and supportive environment for men to explore and address various aspects of their lives, including emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It helps men break through societal expectations and stereotypes, allowing them to better understand themselves and develop healthier relationships with others.

No, men's work is for all men, regardless of their current situation or background. While some may do the work to address specific issues, others may participate to deepen their understanding of themselves, foster personal growth, or connect with like-minded individuals.

Craig is a men’s work facilitator and coach. He has close to three decades of experience coaching and consulting within elite professional team sports, the corporate sector, facilitating men's leadership retreats, and mentoring private clients. He has served as a High-Performance Mentor, an Elite Sports Coach, having coached at International Level in Professional Rugby Union, been a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and a proud business owner. The Men Without Masks 5 day men’s retreat was recently shortlisted and won the award for ‘Wellness Retreats That Change Your Life’ from the international magazine publication Conde Naste.

Course Breakdown



Lifetime access

  • 9 x video lessons
  • 3 x questionnaires
  • 4 x mini practices
  • Valuable resources